Champions League Day 2: Place All Your Bets On 1xbet Now & Get Highest Odds Plus You Can Insure Your Bet–Take Today’s Odds

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Sports betting is a dominant activity in Ghana and with lots of people looking for an opportunity to bet on their favorite football team and win some cash while doing so, it’s just prudent that one bets with a bookmaker that is trusted, has high odds and with lots of features, one cannot find on other bookmakers. is a bookmaker that allows anyone to place sports bets and play casino games to win some cash. I have always advised anyone who wants to take part in betting to do so cautiously and not see it as an avenue to become a millionaire overnight although, it’s happened for most people, especially for those who follow the laws of gambling.

Like I always say, never use money you are not willing to use to place your sports betting or place casino games. Always use only money, you are willing to loose. Don’t go use your rent money, your school fees, etc for sports betting, else you would end up crying like a baby if things don’t go well for you.

Moving away from that, the Champions League commenced yesterday and for those who are in the 1xbet Whatsapp group, my prediction landed and those who staked won the 14 odds, I gave.

Today is day 2 of the champions league and an opportunity to register on the bookmaker offering the highest odds right now. For those of you who don’t have an account yet, CLICK HERE to register one.

After registration, you can make deposit into your account by using MTN Mobile money or Tigo Cash. With the MTN Mobile money, for automatic deposits, always select the MTN Ghana Push option.

Aside MTN Mobile Money and Tigo Cash, you can also choose to deposit funds into your account if you have a Visa Card, Neteller, Perfect Money, Skrill, and several other payment systems that you could find convenient.

So to register on 1xbet, CLICK HERE now to register and make a deposit. If you face any challenge or whatever, whatsapp me on 0273094088 for assistance.

Now let’s get down to our odds for the day…… I was thinking of dropping them here, but it’s inappropriate to do so.

So, Join our Whatsapp group by CLICKING HERE for tips.

The interesting aspect of 1xbet is the fact that, you can place an insurance on your bets. So let’s say you place a bet of 100ghc for odds of 10, you can decided to fully insure the slip or bet so that in the unlikely event that the slip fails, you get back your deposit amount again which is 100ghc. A fee is charged on the insurance and you pay for it and that is determined depending on the percentage of the bet amount you want to place. You can insure 100% of your bet amount, 10% of it, 50% of it or any percentage you want.

Also on you can sell your bet slips when you are worried  one team could mess up the whole thing for you. I would touch more on this feature in my next post.

So just CLICK HERE to register and Join our Whatsapp group here for today’s odds

Written By Chris Handler

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