Chandler Halderson : The young man who murdered his parents

Chandler Halderson  is a young canadian man born in Windsdor,Canada in the year 1998. He is known by many as the man who was charged and sentenced to life inprisonment for killing his parents.

Chandler Halderson parents

They young man was born to Bart Halderson, a 50 years old man who has been identified as his father and Krista Halderson, a 53 years old woman who has also been identified as his mother.

Chandler Halderson murder case

Apparantly, Chandler Halderson Claimed to have been in college and have told his parents about a certain job issue which were all discovered later as a lie and as a young man who couldnt bear the shame of lying to his parents, he decided to terminte their lifes instead.

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According to court details, Chandler Halderson’s father found some emails that indicated from his son’s college that, he has not been in school for  a very long time.

After his father discovered the truth that his son has been lying to them about the said college for a while now, he decided to hold a meeting with the College authorities to enquire more, the meeting was scheduled to take place on July 1st 2021.

Chandler Halderson
Chandler Halderson In court

The scheduled meeting got to the hearing of The young boy who was left very worried. It was at this point that he decided to murder his father in a desperate attempt to stop the meeting with the college.

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Chandler Halderson shot his father to death and at when his mother entered the room after hearing the gunshot, he shot his mother also. Chandler then chopped the dead bodies into pieces and buried them.

Chandler Halderson after this actions went to the police to file a missing complaint of his parents. The police after realizing some changes in his statement they became suspicious and deceided to probe him, he was later found guilty and has now been sentenced to Lifetime Imprisonment.




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