“Change That Black Bra Of Yours, You’ve Worn It For Too Long” –Actress Adekemi Taofeek Charges Ladies

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The Nollywood actress Adekemi Taofeek has charged ladies to endeavour to change the black bras the use.

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Black is a colour that is so cherished by many because even when it gets dirty, no one sees the dirt stuck on It like many other colours.

Guys who do not like washing have always made black coloured clothing their preferred choice.

Often, it is the stench from them after long periods of not washing them that gives a cause for concern.

It appears it’s not just something that is preferred by boys only but girls prefer that colour too, for the same reasons as revealed by Adekemi Taofeek

Adekemi Taofeek admonished her fellow ladies to change the bras they have been wearing for so long a time because she has just changed hers.

According to her, if it is the attractiveness of the black colour that is pushing them to all get it, there are far more attractive colours they could choose.

For most of these girls, it is their dislike for washing always that makes them choose black and not the fact that it is attractive to them.

They would want to wear it for days without worrying themselves over washing it as no one sees it even when it is very dirty.

And with the stench, some use powerful deodorants to do away with the scent and they are good to go.

If you have been using that black bra for too long now, here’s the astonishment from the actress Adekemi Taofeek to change it.

This is one post laced with sarcasm targeting ladies who do not wash their brassieres to start washing them.

See the screenshot of her post on Instagram;

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