Charles Hanson Children: Meet Frederick and Matilda Hanson

Frederick Hanson and Matilda Hanson are British auctioneer, chartered surveyor, and television personality, Charles Hanson’s children, but how much do you know about them?

In this report, we are going to put the spotlight on the children of the British auctioneer, chartered surveyor, and television personality. You may have known a lot about him, but what about his children?

As we get to know more about his children, we will also delve into his life and career.

Who Is Charles Hanson?

More will be known about Charles Hanson’s children by the time this article draws to a close, but in this section of the article, we are going to learn more about the life and career of the television personality. This is particularly important for those who know very little about Charles Hanson.

The TV personality began his career as a valuer at Christie’s in 1999.

He moved on to work for antique houses in Cheshire and Staffordshire, specializing in European Ceramics and Glass.

The most expensive lot Hanson has sold was a Qianlong era Chinese porcelain vase that had been used as a doorstop by the seller for 36 years, which went for £650,000.

Other notable sales include the medals of Rowland Hill, 1st Viscount Hill, a Waterloo commander, and a brooch once owned by Katherine Neville, Baroness Hastings.

Hanson has also participated in charity auctions for groups such as the Herd of Sheffield and Careline.

For his exploits, Charles Hanson’s children must be so proud of him and feel challenged to match his success in whatever endeavors they choose to engage in.

Frederick Hanson and Matilda Hanson: Who Are Charles Hanson Children?

Charles Hanson illness: What type of cancer was he diagnosed with?
Charles Hanson, star of the reality show Bargain Hunt, was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2012 (Image via @HansonsAuctions/X)

Learn more about Charles Hanson’s children, Frederick Hanson and Matilda Hanson, in this section of the article.

In 2010, the expert married Rebecca Ludlam, with whom he has two children: a son and a daughter.

Matilda Hanson, their daughter, was born in 2014, and Frederick Hanson, their son, was born in 2016. Tommy, the couple’s infant son, died before Matilda was born.

He was stillborn in 2012, and his death devastated the family.

After Frederick Hanson was born, Charles Hanson expressed his joy and gratitude for having a son.

He told Staffordshire Live at the time: “After losing Tommy, who was born asleep in September 2012, we were overjoyed to have Matilda, who was born in 2014, and who has a calm and relaxed nature, just like my wife.”

Rebecca, who worked as a radiographer, said, “What happened was terrible, and it could not have come at a worse time for us.”

Their first child died barely a few weeks after Charles was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

The expert told My London: “Charles said: “I can remember driving to the hospital in tears.

“We were so worried, but I suppose we still hoped that the baby would be all right.

“Unfortunately, our worst fears were confirmed and we stayed at the hospital for the next three days.

“Rebecca gave birth to our son. We called him Thomas William.

“It was the hardest thing in the world to cope with.

“But the team at the hospital were very kind to us. I sat and held Tommy for a long time. We said our goodbyes.”

Much is known about Charles Hanson’s children now, but what about the news making the rounds about Charles being charged with an assault case?

Details of Charles Hanson Assault Case

Following a police investigation into charges of domestic abuse, Charles Hanson has been charged.

The BBC TV auctioneer, 45, is scheduled to appear in court next month on seven charges, including assault.

Hanson, who has appeared on Flog It! and Antiques Road Trip, is said to have moved out of the six-bedroom mansion in a picturesque Derbyshire village.

A source said at the time: “It is not the sort of place you expect police to turn up.

“But a car came to the house, and they spoke to Charles. It is a tiny village, so a few people have been talking about it, as word gets around. It is all very shocking.”


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