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Charter House has chalked a milestone in the Ghana as regard the entertainment industry. The prestigious Ghana Music Award has become the biggest and most enviable award scheme in Ghana that musicians and stakeholders always look forward to with much enthusiasm and apprehension. Though some people are yet to grasp the rationale behind a Nigerian introducing this phenomenon to Ghanaians and thus flaunt mainly Nigerian artistes to grace the occasion and paying them substantially, many have overlooked this palpable flaw to the embrace the scheme wholeheartedly.Notwithstanding the big achievements of Charter House, it seems lots of controversies and elements of distrust have permeated deep into their organizational structure which could potentially ruin the good intention of the organizers. Some of the categories have received a huge outcry from the public while some of the recipients of the awards have been harshly criticized. For instance the nomination of Joey B in the new artiste of the year in category in 2014 raised serious eyebrows. Another aspect is when a song of a particular genre is categorized under a different genre. And here I was thinking the VGMA board contains a bunch of luminaries.

Another scope of concern is the inconsistency that surrounds the mode of selection. The board has stated categorically that the will be no room for profane and indecent songs, which has received massive approval from pundits. Hence Batman’s Linda became the first song to be axed from the competition owing to elements of explicit content. R2bees and Obuor were equally disqualified for Agyie and Konkotibaa respectively. Asem had his Give me blow also “outlawed. “ So why on earth should other songs with equal dose of profanity and explicit content be admitted? The VGMA board shot themselves in the foot when they nominated Tonga despite its palpable constitution of lewd lyrics. Loud mouthed artistes like KwawKesse and Shatta Wale have in the past pooh-hooed the scheme and said only people loyal to charter house stand a huge chance of benefitting from them. Guru has also condemned the serial injustice meted out to him by Charter House. In a sharp u-turn, the organizers tried to shut these guys up by giving them multiple nominations in subsequent editions. Where is the credibility?

The criteria for nominations have always been subjected to public ridicule yet the planning committee has not declared publicly how the whole process is conducted. Let us wait and see if this year’s edition will be devoid of controversies and go down in history as one of the best Ghana Music Award.

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