Charterhouse PRO rescues Black Sherif from backlash for purportedly bringing ‘MTN’ on a Vodafone stage during VGMAs

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The Public Relations Officer of Charterhouse, Robert Klah has defended Black Sherif after he was criticized by a few people for what they termed promoting MTN on a Vodafone stage during the 2022 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

Although Black Sherif never or directly promoted MTN, people said hitting the stage with a tricycle painted in yellow which is the dominant colour of MTN underlines his goof.

Even his industry colleague, Captain Planet slammed him and asked him to be careful not to commit such an avoidable blunder in the future.

The rapper took to Twitter to tell Sherif thus,

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“The Telcos are in secret competition with each other so my bro kidi next time don’t thank Mtn on Vodafone’s platform they don’t like that”, He wrote. “Blacko next time don’t wear yellow on Vodafone’s platform that’s their competitor’s color. . Take this advice & thank me later. Congrats”.

However, Robert Klah in an interview on Hitz FM, Robert said the yellow tricycle Black Sherif brought on stage isn’t tied to MTN. He asserted that a lot of numbers are being ported which means someone can have a 024 number but it could be AirtelTigo or Vodafone and visa versa.

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“Is there a telco number anymore? Why I am asking is because people have numbers, but they are on different telcos. For example, someone has a 024-line number on Vodafone and so it’s a Vodafone number because the money goes to Vodafone and people have 020 and it’s MTN.”

“What I’m saying is that at this point, numbers are no longer tied to Telcos. When you have a number, it is yours and that’s it”.

“The people who own the number are the people who have the number but whether the line sits on AirtelTigo or sits on whatever its decision of the person who owns the number,” he said


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