CHASS suspends National Science and Maths Quiz

The Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools has temporarily halted all co-curricular activities done by Senior High Schools (SHSs) outside their campuses (CHASS).

An official announcement was made during the third quarter meeting of the National Executive Council on Thursday.

There are rumours that all extracurricular activities have been put on hold due to a lack of funding for secondary schools.

“Most of the monies sent to the schools these days are for perishables and apart from the fact that it is inadequate for even the feeding of the students, it is equally misappropriation of funds if we should continuously use such monies for things they are not intended for,” a resolution released by CHASS said, as quoted by 3news.

“We shall do the needful when monies for the specific programs are lodged into our accounts.”

Sports, culture, the National Science and Maths Quiz, and the Sharks Quiz have all been cancelled as a result of the current event.

Meanwhile, the Regional chairs are liaising with their regional directors and alumni “to forestall any misunderstanding in the stance taken by CHASS”.

Should the suspension continue, though, there is no doubt that the popular NSMQ will be the hardest hit.


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