Cheapest car in my garage is $450,000 – Ibrah One ‘buys pressure’ for boys as he gifts himself 3 cars ahead of Christmas

Ibrah One has always been known for his love of attention, so it’s quite surprising that he has been relatively quiet over the past few months.

However, this silence has been shattered recently as the social media influencer proudly showcased three new cars that he purchased to indulge himself this Christmas.

Among these vehicles is the 2023 M850i, equipped with a powerful 32-valve cam-type double overhead (DOHC) engine.

It’s not unusual for Ibrah One to own luxury cars, as he has previously lent his vehicles to musicians for their music videos. He even mentioned that the cheapest car in his collection is worth $450,000.

Ibrah One, also known as Ibrahim Dauda, is a well-known Ghanaian millionaire and businessman who has managed to keep his source of income a mystery.

Throughout his life, he has orchestrated astonishing moments that have captivated online audiences. One such moment occurred in 2018 when he celebrated his birthday by sharing an iPhone X with fellow passengers on a Trotro bus in Accra.

The passengers were taken aback by his generosity, and even the driver couldn’t resist asking for his own iPhone.


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