Cheating is something that comes with being a man – Bulldog confesses cheating on wife, says he’s not ashamed

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Bulldog has confessed to cheating on his wife but he’s got an excuse.

According to the artist manager, cheating is something that comes with being a man. He was speaking on Starr chat with Nana Aba Anamoah, where he noted that men often cheat for no specific reason.

Bulldog who appeared on the show on Wednesday evening was asked by the host if he ever cheated on his wife.

“I think cheating is inbuilt for men that’s what I believe,” he said and opening up about his cheating experience, he said, “but I am not proud I cheated on my wife and I am not ashamed of it”.

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Will Bulldog cheat again? Well, answering that he said, “I don’t know if I will cheat again. I just hope I won’t cheat on her”. In a report, he noted also that men cheat for adventure but berated men who lose their partners to other men.

“Any man who allows another man to take his woman from him is not a man enough,” he said.

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Despite all the controversy Bulldog stirs, he is a family man. The Ghanaian Showbiz personality, born Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson, is married to a beautiful woman who is based in Germany.

Unlike her husband, Mrs Asiamah keeps a low profile life with no presence on social media. The couple has three children together who live with their mother with their dad visiting the family in Europe once a while.


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