“After Cheating On Me, You Think I Would Marry You?”–Girl Embarrasses Boyfriend In Public (Video)

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I have made it my mind never to publicly attempt to my girlfriend, should I decide to get married in the future because if things go wrong, I won’t be able to stand the embarrassment at all. Well, some people deem it romantic to propose to bae in public—Some people have been watching too many movies.

A viral video making rounds on the internet shows a young man being embarrassed after he proposed to his girlfriend at the Accra mall only for the girl to pull her phone and show him screenshots, that proves that he’s being cheating on her, and then pours water on him to further disgrace him in the full glare of the people around.

A source who was present at the scene told Ghbase.com that, the girl was heard saying; “Oh, you think I would marry a cheat like you? You slept with my friend”

Ha, we don’t know how this young man was able to deal with this disgrace.

Watch the video below:

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