Check Out How Slay Queen Publicly Humiliated A White Man For Refusing To Give Her Money After Sleeping With Her [Video]

These slay queens in town are not to be messed with as they can go all out in public just to humiliate you for refusing to give them what they want after fulfilling their bedtime affair deal.

They seem to hate cheating just like any other person in the world as one has placed a white man on public display of shame in the middle of a street in Accra.

A video has surfaced on the internet as a slay queen (Prostitute) is seen holding the collar of a white man at Accra Circle in the eyes of the public.

In the video, an unseen man commented that the white man employed the services of the prostitute but after they finished he refused to fulfill his part of the bargain by giving her money

The slay queen seems raged as it’s obvious that she’s been searching for her a long time and has finally busted him in town hence she’s not moving an inch unless she’s settled.

Watching the video below…


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