Check Your Readiness for Microsoft 70-742 Exam with Exam Dumps

For a start, the Microsoft corporation has emerged as a force to reckon with in the 1970s, and has become one of the leading software companies in the world straight away. Ever since, the company has been doing groundbreaking work in the world of internet technologies. 

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There’s something that you might not know about Microsoft is that they also have the outstanding certification program helping both novices in IT and masters in computer working methods to proceed in their knowledge and get validated. If you take a look at various kinds of credentials that Microsoft has to offer, then you will be struck by their number! Each and every company’s certification is special in its own right. So, if you have the will to learn more, then you can benefit from the tips proposed below.

The number of developing technologies like Windows Server 2016 database has been growing at a rapid pace, and tech giants have played a pivotal role in this process. As a note, new jobs in the data processing field are being created almost every day, however, it is still quite difficult to land a job and stick to it. 

The main reason behind this is that your skillset should be constantly upgraded in order to succeed in the IT field, however, this becomes a challenge when you are already in a professional time crunch. This is the point where certifications come in handy as while obtaining these modest documents exclusively assessing own expertise, candidates can learn things quickly and at their own pace.

Thereby, if you are already thinking about getting validated own experience and knowledge in Windows Server 2016, you should definitely consider the Microsoft 70-742 dumps exam. Just be aware of the need to take two preliminary tests like 70-740 and 70-741 to obtain the coveted credential.

Moreover, with ground experience in administering Active Directory Certificate Services, Web Application proxy, and Active Directory Rights Management Services, this exam becomes even more relevant. 

So, passing the test will get you the MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification which can prove to be very useful in your career, especially if you opt for such job positions as a network systems administrator or as computer network specialist. Before you choose it, one of the most important steps would be considering the vendor. And here comes the bonus as you’ll be getting certification from the best software producer such as Microsoft!  

Microsoft 70-742 Exam Details

So, the Microsoft 70-742 exam consists of around 40-60 questions, and the candidates are given 2 hours to attempt all the items. 120 minutes might seem like a lot but once you are in the exam you will realize that time management is another key player if you wish to get 70% of passing score or above and win the MCSA Windows Server 2016 badge. 

There are thus several objective domains that are part of the Microsoft 70-742 exam and, in particular, participants will be tested their ability in configuring, managing and installing Active Directory Domain Services, rating for 20-25% in the exam content, complemented by designing and administering Group Policy (25-30%), realizing Access and Identity Federation Solutions (15-20%), and designing services of Active Directory Certificate (10-15%).

Well, once you become lucky to pass this Microsoft test, you can easily get a job as an entry-level IT expert in the industry with a salary ranging from $50,649 to $75,850 per year according to the website.

Preparation Tips

Whenever you are taking any certification test, the foremost thing you need to do is going through the exam details. With this in mind, you should really ace Microsoft 70-742 because it is a quite inspiring assessment and you will learn a lot of new things with it. 

Still, this Microsoft test is going to cause difficulties unless you don’t study for it assiduously. While taking the exam, you need to make sure that you can invest a good portion of time in studying. Herewith, if you are preparing for the Microsoft 70-742 exam, there are some important tips that you need to know, and you can find them below.

Learn All Domains and Subjects Comprehensively

One of the first recommended aspects is making sure that you go through all of the topics in the exam. If you don’t know the areas that are part of the exam it will be very difficult for you to plan ahead. Once you know the number of topics and their length, you can start planning how you are going to prepare. 

Study with Vendor Microsoft Publications, Instructor-Led Training, and More 

If you are someone who likes to prepare for their exams with books, you will be absolutely pleased to know that the vendor has released qualitative editions for its Microsoft 70-742 exam. Or, may you try online course INF 214x: Windows Server 2016: Basic Networking, coupled with tutor-led preparation with the code of 20741B: Networking with Windows Server 2016.

Exam Dumps by PrepAway

Generally speaking, when you are learning for any Microsoft test, you should try to study with multiple sources so that the acquired knowledge isn’t one-dimensional. It implies adding another helpful source to your 70-742 base of knowledge. These are valuable exam dumps that are recommended to be used after the major studying to consolidate the theory and get more skills. One of their main advantages is getting free or modest-price access to efficient practice questions giving you all the exam questions with ready-made answers. When it comes to the Microsoft 70-742 test, you should try to answer as many of these exam dumps as possible because that will certainly make a huge difference in the end.


No matter what certification exam you are taking, as without proper preparation you won’t stand a chance. With the help of the above tips and tricks, the preparation process will become much more effortless and productive. 

So, when you are studying for the Microsoft 70-742 exam you need to make sure not to skim through the syllabus, instead, not to move on to the next subject until having completely mastered the previous one. 

And so, don’t forget also to grasp all the perks of exam dumps for your success in Microsoft 70-742 test and effectively win the progressive MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification!

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