Checkout These 10 Tips On How To Add Some Spice To Your Marriage And Make Your Spouse Happy

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This article is strictly an opinion piece and you can choose to take the advice or not. But if you take it, it will help you with your marriage.

With the high rate of divorce in Ghana, I decided to add my own quota by sharing a few tips on how to make it work and if after all these and it still doesn’t work, well, you can decide to go ahead with your decision.

So let’s get straight to the point but we will start the women. As a woman, how do you make your man happy? Did you know men loved being pampered? Especially when they are having a bad day. Well let me give you some tips on how to make him feel loved by you.

1. Stop being a nagging wife. Women love to complain about the simple details. Repeating the same thing over and over again becomes a nuisance. If he keeps the toilet open and you like it closed, talk to him about it at least twice, if he doesn’t listen, start doing it and with time he will start feeling bad and he will do it.

2. Join him when he is watching football, if you don’t like at it at least show an interest, get some beer and some chips and join him watch it. Tease him when his team loses and laugh over it together. It’s called compromise. He will at least know you tried. And oh, don’t ask dumb questions when you don’t understand anything, at least Google some pointers so that you can pitch in a word or two. He will love you more.

3. A lot of men I’ve met enjoy playing FIFA. I used to complain a lot when my brother plays it until I joined him and he taught me. I’ve been beating his a$$ since then. Lol. If your man enjoys playing it, let him teach you how to play it, invite his boys over and play it with them. After that you can make a snack and share with them. You’ll become their favorite “wife” and they will help you keep your man in check if he wants to misbehave. They’ll remind him of what a “cool” wife he has.

4. Always find something nice to say to him when you notice he is in a bad mood. Instead of asking him too many questions, just say “babe, I know you got this, you’ll be fine. You are the smartest man i know and I know you’ll figure it out”. Mind you, you have to say these without necessarily asking him what the problem is. You don’t have to always know what is going on in his head. Sometimes just knowing that you are there for them is enough!.

5. To the final point for women, don’t allow anyone ruin your Marriage with cheap gossip. No matter what the u hear about your husband, don’t jump into conclusions without talking to him. Listen more and speak less.

Now to my men below are some five pointers to make your marriage absolutely delicious.

1. Women are the most complex specie created by God and most times understanding them is a struggle. So I guess what I’m saying is that rather than worry yourself understanding her, just pamper her. Be patient with her and don’t be too inquisitive.

2. Be understanding when she is not in a mood to talk, have sex or cuddle. Instead of complaining, get her her favorite flavor ice cream and make her feel loved by just complementing her. When she just woke up from bed, tell her she looks sexy and it will put her in a good mood for the rest of the day.

3. Never go to bed angry at each other. Be the bigger person and find a way to resolve it. Even if it means apologizing, it doesn’t make you a weak man instead it makes you a man who values his family over some silly conflict.

4. Learn to express yourself to your wife, suggest to her how you want her to improve and make the relationship enjoyable. If she has stopped doing something you used to like about her, draw her attention to. Don’t assume she knows, she can’t read your mind.

5. To the final point, Marriage itself is a roller coaster, some months may be smooth, other months may be rough, either way you both have to compromise and make it work.

I’m done with my tips, you can choose to take it leave it, either way, Marriage is supposed to be enjoyed not endured.

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