Cheddar flies UK-based barber to Ghana to cut his hair, pays over ₵8,000 for his service- Video drops

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Freedom Jacob Caesar aka Cheddar is doing typical ‘Chaddar things’ when he reportedly had his favourite barber flown from the United Kingdom to Ghana just to trim his hair.

His action is nothing within the realms of the rich and mighty but it has however raised thick eyebrows online for obvious reason.

A corresponding video shows the moment the barber whose swag is big as the occasion arrived in in Ghana and excitedly met the famous Ghanaian business mogul.

They proceeded to have dinner after which the barber got down to business and gave him a nice cut.

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Cheddar who is undoubtedly one of the richest young men in Africa with beautiful mansions and a fleet of cars to his name expressed his satisfaction with the results and joked that he looked 24 years again.

He then moved to his bag and brought out notes of $100 which probably totalled $1,000 (₵8,000), which he handed all over to the barber who uses the name @iam_nikky on Instagram.

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As usual, the fun part of this report is what internet users have to say about this development. See a few samples below;

Ahiabor Kodjo Edem

As for men hair cut dier, u will definitely find even better barber locally.

This ain’t about him being rich, he wants to make the news and has achieved that.

Vanila Pineamondliss Vanill

Whiles hungry people are still suffering under bridges 🙏 Homeless citizens 🥺 Someone out there needs just 2000cedis to change his whole life and 8000 for just a haircut 🥺🙏 Bibini y3 nnipa

Liza Amoah Help the street for that, I can say you are doing well. Nana Aba is not all that rich but helps the poor for that alone is an achievement

Daniel Amissah

Me that I’ve been flying angels from heaven to just come and pick my tv remote for me koraa I’ve kept quiet. Even after I pay them $5bn masa we too we Dey you Yen people have to start reporting our daily activities or else I wil seize all of you your Ghana card from you,and you what that’s means 😂

Khardinal Niiamasah Namoale

Why are u blogger hyping this egocentric of a person? What at all has he done in this country that we have to praise him for what he does. This amount could change the life of more than 10 barbers in this country who would have even done a better job but …… I pity these bloggers who don’t have anything to write than to follow useless people in the country.


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