‘Chicken’ Shatta Wale, Stop Behaving Like A Third World Artiste –Kwaw Kese BLASTS Shatta Wale & Warns Him Or Face His Wrath

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There are third world bloggers and we have a new leader leading us—It’s our main man Shatta Wale. Well, I am not describing him as a third world artiste but Kwaw Kese is pissed off and has advised him to ‘fooling’ unless of course, he is a third world artiste.

So Kwaw Kese had tweeted at Shatta Wale to stop attacking his fellow artistes when he’s always preaching about unity and the need for artistes to support each other, then later go on radio and ‘attack’ other artistes like what he did to Sarkodie in his recent radio interview on Hitz Fm.

Well, it seems Shatta Wale did not take his tweet lightly and gave him a reply and Kwaw is not taking any of that.

In a new tweet, he described Shatta Wale as a chicken for not understanding what he wrote and warned him to be careful because he can also make videos to insult him as well.

His full tweet read; “Shatta you be chicken for not understanding what I wrote. I didn’t attack you but addressing you to be straight. I can do videos to insult you too but 3ho nhia If you bring your self e go over you. Stop behaving like a third world artist”

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