“Chop bars and restaurants with huge customers include intestines and water used to bathe corpse in their food” – Cult Pastor reveals deep secrets [Video]

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A Ghanaian pastor in a radio interview has revealed some deep secrets about chop bars and restaurants in Ghana and what they do behind the scenes to attract lots of customers.

This pastor whose name and identity is still unknown said he was once in the business of occultism where they use water used to bathe the dead in the performance of miracles in church and to deceive congregants.

According to him, they recruit morticians who provide them with residue water they have used in the bathing of a corpse. Then they include this water in their so-called miracle water and the anointing oil and sell it to unsuspecting church folks and miracle seekers.

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He made a definite conclusion that most of the water and anointing oil being sold in churches contain this residue water from a corpse which helps their products to draw strength and power to perform cosmetic miracles.

Elaborating further, this pastor added that restaurants and chop bars with huge customers and patronage are seemingly involving the intestines and water of the dead in their food. He said these things contain an occult power that draws customers to them irrespective of the quality of their food.

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Watch The Interview Below:



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