Chris Brown throws fan’s phone into the crowd for filming while on stage

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A video from one of Chris Brown’s recent concerts shared by TikTok user @ellishatok went viral on March 1, 2023.

In the video, the legendary R&B singer was onstage with what appears to be a fan from the audience. Breezy begins the video by taking the woman’s phone and placing it in her lap while singing “Take You Down.”

Breezy then starts sensually dancing and mounts the woman before gyrating on her lap. He dismounts the woman and resumes his singing.

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She then picks up her phone and resumes recording herself instead of enjoying the moment with the superstar. This angered him and he grabbed the phone and hurled it into the crowd while continuing to sing.

Fortunately, she was able to retrieve her phone, though it’s unclear what condition it was in after soaring through the air and into a mosh pit.

He has also yet to respond to the incident. The video quickly went viral on social media, with some fans defending Brown and others dismissing it as just another outburst from the troubled singer.

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See reactions

“Listen, I totally agree that sometimes we all need to be able to put our phones down and enjoy the moment… but that’s not Chris Brown’s or anyone else’s decision to make,” one person tweeted.

“It is impossible to defend Chris Brown he just keeps doing stuff,” another added.

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Others, however, defended his actions, “Lowkey I see why Chris Brown threw the phone. U mean 2 tell me imma be up here performing my heart out, giving u the best that I got and u gonna be up here checking yourself out in selfie cam. The disrespect? (sic)”


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