Chris Handler: Medikal Had 7 Nominations But Failed To Win JUST One–My Opinion On What Went Wrong For Him

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It’s no doubt Medikal had a good year last year which explains why he was able to garner seven nominations at the 2017 VGMAs–He’s second most nominated musician in the 2017 VGMAs as Sarkodie had the most nominations, competing in 11 categories.

Medikal who is signed to Criss Waddle’s AMG Business had nominations in Best New Artiste , Artiste of the year, Hip -hop song of the year,Afro-Pop song of the year, Hip-life/Hip pop artiste of the year, Best Collaboration of the year and also Best rapper of the year.

I personally feel in as much as Medikal is a good artiste, he was just in some categories that he had no chance of winning and the many nominations he had in a way affected him especially for an artiste who has not been long in the Industry and is now building up his fan base, it would be difficult to win in some categories when you are competing with people who are far more popular than you and also  have equally good songs.

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Medikal’s  growth in the music industry was very rapid and he had a huge audience appeal, so everyone was expecting him to take home at least some 3 or 4 awards on the night but he couldn’t win a single award!

Getting too many nominations can sometimes become a burden especially when you have not won in any of those categories you are being nominated in before. Lots of people might not even know you have been nominated in some categories—I for once didn’t know Medikal was nominated for Best Rapper until now.

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So here’s my little opinion as a blogger on why Medikal couldn’t win a single award–Bear in mind it’s an opinion and not a statement of  fact.?

Best New Artiste:

Everyone was expecting Medikal to easily win this award but what most people forgot was the fact that he was competing with other musicians who equally have fans. He was in the same category with Nii Funny, Ebony, Feli Nuna, Article Wan, Rudeboy Ranking, Eugy and the almighty Fancy Gadam. As a blogger, I know none of them was a threat except for Fancy Gadam. I am not a fan of Fancy Gadam neither do I know a single song of his but I have heard and read about him. He was the artiste who filled up a whole Tamale stadium and even filled up the National Theatre when he came down to perform his show in Accra–No one expected him to be able to achieve that.

Fancy Gadam was Medikal’s biggest threat in that category but he was overlooked mainly because he’s not extremely popular in Accra like Medikal is but then Accra is not Ghana–There are other people in the 9 other regions and if not for anything at all, Fancy Gadam is the biggest star in the 3 Northern regions, so he also has his fan base and loyal people who voted for him–They wanted their own to win at all cost. Fancy Gadam had just one nomination, so he put his all in campaigning for votes. He had little work to do–And that was to win the only category he was nominated in, that’s something which is not hard. Medikal on the other hand was campaigning for 7 categories–What did you expect?

Hip Pop Song Of The Year-

Now this was the category I was expecting Medikal to win but he just couldn’t win it. Manifest won in that category with ‘godMC’. (Something that pisses me off). In that category, you have Medikal featuring in about 3 songs that were nominated there. (Okyeame Kwame’s Tension, Sarkodie’s Trumpet and Edem’s Agboame) and yet he couldn’t win with ‘Confirm’ remix which he featured Sarkodie on. I feel if 3 songs have been nominated in there and Medikal featured on them, then that alone is enough to prove that he’s good when it comes to Hip-Hop but he just didn’t win it.

Afro-Pop Song Of The year

This was a tough category because all of the people nominated in there had very good songs and it was going to be hard for Medikal to win in there with ‘Too Risky’ in which he features Sister Debby. EL’s ‘Kabuam3’ won in that category not just because it was a good song but mainly because he was the only ver popular artiste in there. Joey B’s  ‘U x Me’ could have won but Joey B himself has been missing in the music scene for a while. There’s Adina, Vision DJ, Eugy and Article Wan all in there but EL bullied them with his brand name. Medikal was the only strong contender there for EL but I am sure most people didn’t vote for him in that category.

Some people too say that ‘Too Risky’ was a good song but he ruined it when he featured his girlfriend, Sister Debby On it–Ummm, maybe that should explain why but it was going to be tough to take that from EL.


Hip Life/Hip Pop Artiste Of The Year:

I wouldn’t say much about this one. You can’t be a new artiste and snatch this award from the big guys who equally did well in that genre last year. There was Flowking Stone, EL, Guru, Manifest, Joey B and the man himself, Sarkodie—I mean, how would he be able to beat any of them to win?? —Sarkodie won that one. They should have saved him by not nominating him at all in this category.

Best Rapper Of The Year.

I knew from the very beginning that there was no way Medikal could win this award especially this year–He could win maybe another year but it was certainly not going to be this year. Again, this category had Manifest, Sarkodie, Flowking Stone, EL, Yaa Pono all in there. I was surprised Manifest won it tho with ‘100%’ but he did well on the song, so it was well deserved.

Best Collaboration Of The Year:

For this particular one, I would have been happy if Medikal had won it because his ‘Confirm’ remix is not only a great song but then also he featured Sarkodie on it, who has soo much influence, so maybe it would have been great if he had won but then there’s  VVIP’s ‘ ‘Alhaji’ in which they featured Patoranking on it–another big artiste with influence. I was also hoping that if Medikal wouldn’t win this one, his boss Criss Waddle would win with ‘Bie Gya’ which featured Stonebwoy looking at the hype the song enjoyed when he had his beef with Wale.

Just unfortunately for them–none of the AMG artiste could grab it in this category. They should have channeled some energy in winning this one.

Artiste Of The Year

Come on, there was no way Medikal was going to win this one and so I wasn’t surprised for a second. I mean, Medikal is good but he’s not paid his dues yet to win Artiste of the year. I knew it was going to be for Joe Mettle but even that I had my doubts. I was expecting either Sarkodie or Stonebwoy to win in the unlikely events Joe Mettle doesn’t win but thankfully he won. They should not have nominated him–I think the whole thing got into his head too much, forgetting to focus on those categories that he could have easily won, which for me is Best New Artiste & Hip Pop Song of the year and maybe Best Collaboration too.



Medikal is a good artiste and he’s one of the artistes listed as the one to take over the crown from Sarkodie but then he needs to do some bit of work. Luckily for him, people love him but he complacent because of that. He’s not built that strong and dedicated fan base yet like Sarkodie, Wale, & Stonebwoy. There is also the issue about his performance on stage, which he needs to get an expert to advise him or train him on that.

And he should separate love from work from now on. Yeah, we love the whole Sister Debby thing going on for him. I am not against their relationship but then he needs to ‘open his eyes’ and stop that ‘love love thing’. There are some songs, you don’t have to feature Sister Debby on. If the song is one that’s serious, I would advise he does not feature her on.


Share your comments and sentiments on this with me in the comments box. You can also reach me via email Thanks for reading.


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