Chris Ivery Biography, Net Worth,Height, age

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Chris Ivery is a well-known American music producer born on February 7, 1967 in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the United States.

Chris Ivery Educational background

Chris was a graduate of Harvard University. The course he study too is not known yet. As at now, there are serious of researches ongoing to get full access of his educational background and as soon as it was recovered, we will let you know immediately.

Chris Ivery Career

Chris as a music producer, wrote the lyrics of the song Cheers( Drink To That) in the early years of his career.

The song was part of the television show known as Smash. Later, the song became one of the most come street anthem that helped him venture into the music industry.
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He also made appearance in an episode of MTV prank reality show called Punk’d where he pranked his wife. He then appeared on the talk show called Entertainment Tonight as a guest.


Chris at a point in his life got himself in some criminal acts. He has a criminal past with over thirteen criminal offenses leveled against him. Some of this criminal cases include drug smuggling, forgery, credit-card fraud, postal theft and probation violations. He was also jailed on three occasions.

His criminal life began when he was only 19 years of age. Chris was arrested in 1987 for the fist time for possession of narcotics and was sentenced to three months of imprisonment. Later, Chris was jailed for the same offense, he was again arrested and this time for accepting a stolen property, he spent a year and three months in prison at Pennsylvania federal prison for that offense too.

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That was not the end of his criminal lifestyle. He was then arrested again in 1998 for possessing a ten pound UPS packages of Marijuana. After six month, he was finally given a clean chit.

According to Chris, all this criminal arts are to be blamed on his difficult childhood that he spent in the blue- collar. Blue-collar is a suburb of Boston where they habitants experience hardship a lot, and it’s also the home of all notorious criminals.

Marital status

Chris Ivery met his better half Ellen Pompeo in a Los Angeles grocery store in 2003. After six months of meeting each other, they began dating. But before their dating, Chris spoke about his bad past to Ellen and surprisingly, Ellen understood him and accept his proposal. Ellen is a famous actress well known for the role of Dr. Meredith Grey she played in the popular TV series Greys Anatomy.

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After dating for a over three years, Chris and Ellen tied the knot on November 9, 2007 at City Hall in New York. The wedding’s legal witness was the New York ex mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Chris Ivery And his wife
Chris Ivery And his wife

On September 15, 2009, the couple delivered their first child named Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery. Chris was loved his daughter to the extent that he even designed her wardrobe himself and he is very fond of styling her too.

With the help of a surrogate mother, the Chris Ivery family welcomed their second child named Sienna May in 2014. Later on December 29, 2016, their third born who is the only male child of the family is born. His name is Eli Christopher.

The couple are now together for over a decade now. They have gone through several ups and downs in their marital journey but still gots each other’s back.

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Rumors once speculated in 2012 that Chris attempt flirt with a young lady during a Guns N Roses concert. The rumor have it that Chris asked the young lady to go home with him. After the news of Chris and the Lady was published on a news portal known as Hollywood life, another rumor speculated again and this time, it was about Chris divorce with Ellen. But later, The couple came out to clear the air that the rumor is never true.

Chris Ivery Net Worth

Chris is one of the topmost richest music producers in America. Chris has a total net worth of $70 million.


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