Chris McKendry Husband, Career, Net Worth

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Having a spouse to support you through life is as important to the woman as it is to the man; everyone needs that supportive spouse to help them to succeed, today, we discuss Chris McKendry husband.

Her popularity and influence in the media space are not in question at all as she has been on television for decades now; through all these years of broadcasting, who has been her backbone at home supporting her as she does what she does best?

Chris McKendry husband may not be popular as she is but he certainly has been supportive and that is the most important thing.

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What is going to change today is that after reading this article, you will get to know who the journalist got married to and how the marriage has gone over the years.

Kindly make some time to read this to the end as we take you through the journey where you will get to know the husband of the woman you have grown to love and watch on television.

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For those of us that do not know who Chris McKendry is, you need not feel left out as we have you covered on who she is.

Before we zoom in on Chris McKendry husband, let’s take a look at who the ESPN journalist is.

Chris McKendry Husband; Biography of Chris

She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on February 18, 1968.

Chris McKendry attended Archbishop Ryan High School before enrolling at Drexel University on a tennis scholarship.

She became popular because of the career she has had, what has her career trajectory been like?

McKendry did play tennis at the university, we have learned, but didn’t quite take that as a professional career which led to a career in journalism.

How did her journalism career begin?

Well, this is about Chris McKendry husband but we need every detail about the journalist as we move along, it is the reason we are putting all this up here for you to know about her.

Career Beginnings

After completing her undergraduate studies, Chris McKendry began her media career at WJLA-TV.

She later transferred to the American Broadcasting Commission (ABC), where she worked as a games correspondent.

She started working as a sports anchor in 1996.

Later, Chris McKendry relocated to ESPN News, although first, she worked as a co-host at the Sports Centre.

In the Washington, D.C., market, McKendry holds the distinction of being the first woman to work as a television sports news anchor (1994–96).

She was awarded a regional Sports Emmy in the Best Sports Segment category in June 1996 for “NFL 101,” a program that explained how to watch football to newcomers.

Chris McKendry co-hosted Redskin Magazine, a one-hour live pregame show, while he was employed by WJLA-TV.

She covered the NBA Playoffs in 1996 for TNT and TBS as a sideline and feature reporter.

That is quite an achievement there but who is Chris McKendry husband?

We will get to know later on in this article.

In a little while also, we shall look at the ESPN journalist Chris McKendry net worth as that is important as well.

In the meantime, we will continue to highlight her achievements.

She also worked as a producer for Fox News Service in Washington, D.C.(1992–1993), and as a sports anchor/reporter at All-News Channel/Conus in Minneapolis (1993–1994); an update anchor for USA Network (1993–1994); and Newsport (1994)

McKendry shifted to covering tennis full-time for ESPN with the Australian Open in January and the U.S. Open in late July after co-anchoring her final SportsCenter program on March 31, 2016.

So, who is Chris McKendry husband? Let’s take a look at who he is now.

We will also take a look at Chris McKendry net worth a bit later.

Chris McKendry Husband

Chris McKendry Husband

The ESPN journalist Chris McKendry husband is Eduardo Andrade, whom she married in 1998, two years after her career breakthrough.

Who is Eduardo Andrade?

Well, not much is known about Chris McKendry husband Eduardo Andrade, owing to the lack of information on him.

There is the tendency no keep things private for some of these celebrities and that might just be the case with this one.

In front of their respective families, Eduardo and Chris exchanged vows in 1998 at Pomfret, Connecticut’s Most Holy Trinity Church.

Two sons have since been born to the couple in the marriage.

Chris McKendry Net Worth

As one of the best journalists out there at ESPN, Chris has made quite a lot of money as her net worth is quite high when you consider how much some of her colleagues are worth.

As of 2022, at the time of putting this article together, her net worth was estimated to be around $ 2.3 million, according to sources online.

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