Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle bring laughs to Birmingham in sold out show

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A lot of people who attended the event expressed their satisfaction adding that it was their first time seeing Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle live and were grateful the comedians added made it to Birmingham.

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Many people also revealed that the comedy show host in the Magic City will put Birmingham on the map.

Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle bring laughs to Birmingham in sold out show (Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Imagine LA)
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I can’t wait! I’m excited,” Wendy Johnson said.

“Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle brought the funny to Legacy Arena with a lot of laughs and excitement”.

“I expect to probably be in the Birmingham ER, because my side is going to split in half and you guys are going to have to sew that thing back up,” Kelvin Simpson said.

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Some looked forward to hearing what Chris Rock had to say. “I want to hear about the slap,” Michelle Johnson said, referring to the infamous moment at last year’s Oscars.

Others also had a different opinion about the show host in the magic city. One residence of Birmingham, Michelle Johnson said the show could bring millions of dollars to the Magic City.

“We’ll start seeing like the streets being fixed, more money pushed into the schools — I can go on and on and on,” Michelle said.

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As business owners, they know the impact major events can have in the city, too.

“I think it’s huge for all the business owners that’s around here because look around — all these people that’s here,” Johnson said. “People are going to bring money, and money is going to help out any small business.”

Eugene’s Hot Chicken Uptown manager Krishinda Finch said the location for the comedy was great pointing out that it was conveniently located near the BJCC and Legacy Arena which will boom business. She describes events with sold-out crowds like Wednesday’s show as the “Super Bowl.”

“With the expectation of 30,000 people in town for the show or here for the show, we’re expecting it to be pretty big,” Finch said. “We get a large number of people for any event that goes on down here. If there’s going to be 30,000 people, we want 15,000 to come to Eugene’s.”



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