Chris Sununu Children: Meet Calvin, Edith, and Leonardo

Chris Sununu Children: Meet Calvin, Edith, and Leonardo
Chris Sununu Children: Meet Calvin, Edith, and Leonardo

Chris Sununu’s children are Calvin Sununu, Edith Sununu, and Leonardo Sununu, whom he had with his lovely wife, Valerie Sununu. In this article, we discuss the family of the American politician and engineer who has served since 2017 as the 82nd governor of New Hampshire.

Calvin Sununu, Edith Sununu, and Leonardo Sununu must be proud of their father’s exploits. They will be challenged by their father’s success to chase their dreams. And with such a support system available to them from their parents, they do not have any excuse not to chase their dreams.

Chris Sununu has worked so hard over the years, starting as an engineer and making his mark in the field, then transitioning into politics and rising to the very top, and now nursing a presidential ambition.

Who Is Chris Sununu?

For you to appreciate the kind of father that Chris Sununu’s children have in him, let’s get to know more about him. What do you know about Chris Sununu apart from the fact that he is an American politician and engineer who has served since 2017 as the 82nd governor of New Hampshire?

Well, in this section of the article, you will learn more about his early life and career beginnings.

Chris Sununu was born in Salem, New Hampshire, in the United States. Chris Sununu was born on November 5, 1974, and is currently 49 years old.

Nancy Sununu and former governor John H. Sununu are his wonderful parents.

He is one of eight brothers; his older brother, John E. Sununu, was a senator and a US representative.

Chris Sununu received his schooling from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University Tisch School of the Arts, and Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Chris Sununu has had an incredible career. Since 2017, this American engineer and politician has served as the 82nd governor of New Hampshire.

Republican Sununu was a member of the New Hampshire Executive Council from 2011 to 2017.

On July 19, 2023, Sununu announced that he would not run for reelection a fifth time.

January 5, 2017, saw the swearing-in of Sununu as governor. On January 3, 2019, he took the oath of office for his second term, and on January 7, 2021, for his third.

With such a hardworking man, Chris Sununu’s children have a man who can guide them to achieve whatever they want to achieve in their respective lives.

Chris Sununu Children: Who Are His Kids?

Chris Sununu Net Worth: How Much Is He Worth?
Chris Sununu

Calvin Sununu, Edith Sununu, and Leonardo Sununu are Chris Sununu’s children. In 2001, Chris Sununu married Valerie Sununu, whom he had met while attending college. Living in Newfields, New Hampshire, are the couple and their three children, Leonardo, Edith, and Calvin.

Chris Sununu’s children have become subjects of discussion over the past few days, but not much information is available about Chris’s three children.

Chris Sununu’s children–Calvin Sununu, Edith Sununu, and Leonardo Sununu–can be proud of their father’s exploits.

Sununu was a director and owner of Sununu Enterprises, a family-run business and strategic consulting firm located in Exeter, New Hampshire, from 2006 to 2010.

Its main areas of interest are corporate acquisitions, venture technologies, and local, national, and international real estate development.

As chief executive officer, Sununu oversaw a group of investors in the 2010 acquisition of Waterville Valley Resort, which employed over 700 people in the White Mountains.

Chris Sununu spearheaded a vigorous expansion initiative for the ski resort in collaboration with the US Forest Service. Skiing, golf, tennis, mountain biking, and an ice arena are all available at the resort.

Chris Sununu Supporting Nikki Haley

Two people with knowledge of Gov. Chris Sununu’s plans say he will be supporting Nikki Haley at a rally on Tuesday night in Manchester.

His persistent attempt to block Donald Trump’s rise to the Republican presidential nomination has culminated in this most recent incident.

On the first night of a three-day campaign tour through New Hampshire, Sununu will appear beside the former governor of South Carolina, following his consideration of a potential presidential candidacy himself.

“He’s all in,” a Republican close to Sununu told CNN.

Nikki Haley has frequently stated that she wants the governor of New Hampshire to back her, saying that having his support will have a significant impact on her campaign.

“It would be big. I mean, it would be big. There’s no mistaking that Chris is a popular governor, not just in the state. He’s popular around the country,” Haley said during a November interview with radio host Jack Heath.

“The idea that if we could get his endorsement, it would mean a lot. But, you know, we’ll wait and see. He’s taking his time on this one, and we’re going to hold out,” she added.

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