Christabel Ekeh Has Indeed Repented As Her Recent Posts Are All Religiously Inclined – Check It Out

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Ghanaian/Nigerian actress, Christabel Ekeh somewhere last year set social media ablaze with her nude pictures of different shades. As a result, most people attributed her weird attitude to mental illness.

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But according to the actress, those nude photos depict her new brand and it should be something her fans and family shouldn’t bother about it. In addition, Christabel Ekeh this year admitted that releasing those nudes form part of her personal achievement in life and promised Ghanaians to watch out for “New Christabel Ekeh”.

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Now, from all indications the actress in question has really turned a new leaf if her recent posts on social media specifically Instagram is anything to go by. Off late, most of her updates are religiously inclined and her outfit is acceptable in reference to the dictates of Christianity.

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A critical view of Christabel Ekeh who now prefix her name with ‘new’ has been seen posting “Thank You Jesus” several times on her official Instagram account. Besides, her profile reads “Thank you Jesus ❤️ Daughter of the Most High God (Jesus Christ).” Therefore, if this as well as her recent posts are anything to go by, then the nudist, Christabel Ekeh has indeed repented.

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Ahh well, take a critical look at her overnight religious inclined  posts and share your candid opinion with us if indeed Christabel means what she’s portraying or one of those celebrity camouflage.



Check out the numerous “Thank You Jesus” posts.




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