Christian lady who has fallen in love with a fetish priest seeks help from netizens

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A rare phenomenon of a Christian woman crossing carpeting to the ‘dark side’ and falling in love with a fetish priest has been shared on social media.

The confused lady who has no idea what to do channelled his predicament to the doorstep of Starr Forum powered by Starr FM and they, in turn, shared it on social media.

She is seeking answers on what to do as probably the obstacles in their way has become overbearing.

See the post;

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Some netizens came through with their opinions. See what we have shared below;

Tî Ñâ – Why don’t you also stop being a Christian just to have him?
Don’t be hypocrite
Don’t change someone for your own happiness please
Let him go if you can’t stand his religion

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Simon Antwi – Since you are a true christian you can change him with prayers and love. Some of you are just church goers and not christians. Simple

Yrn Slim – You wish he stops being a fetish priest but you don’t wish to stop being a Christian?? Why always men??? Hm

Albert Lomoko – You don’t need advice you have made up ur mind.. nothing stoping you so why are you here.. madam go ooh the juju is working on you

Yesuba Okyere Krampah – You have made it clear here u “can’t lose him never”… My sister have u seek the face of God? as u claim u r a Christian, do God approve of it? See some of these things are just distracting u just to miss ur mark in life .Never think u r marry him to change him.


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