Christiana Awuni Reveals Why Marriages Of Actresses Don’t Last

Well endowed Kumawood actress, Christiana Awuni has revealed the main reason why marriages of actresses crash before any one could say Jack Robinson.

In an exclusive interview with Kofi Adoma at the marriage ceremony of Kumawood actress Nayas and the German-based husband, Nana Sarfo Kantaka, Christiana Awuni said sometimes the men don’t take time to understand the kind of jobs their wives do.

She said,

“The reason why actresses’ marriages don’t last is because of the kind of job they do. Someone will see you on screen and decide to marry you, after explaining to him what your job entails he still wants to go ahead with the marriage,”

“After the marriage you start working, you go on set for at least a month without coming home and then you are given romantic roles to play in the movies, your husband sees this and gets angry asking you to choose between your marriage and your job.

“Most women choose their jobs because they feel it’s more important to them. People have been saying actresses marriages don’t last but it’s my prayer this 2019 to 2020 our marriages will last,” she added.


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