“Christianity came to destroy Igbo land” – Man laments as church holds service during working hours

A dissatisfied Igbo man from Nigeria has expressed his discontent with the church’s decision to hold services during working hours in the South Eastern region of the country. Through a compelling video, he argues that Christianity has had a detrimental impact on the future of Igboland by diverting the attention of young individuals away from legitimate business pursuits.

To support his concerns, he highlights the historical practice of the Igbo people, who designated specific days for conducting business activities, known as market days, prior to the arrival of the white man. The man emphasizes the traditional Igbo values of hard work and the significance placed on earning a livelihood through industrious efforts.

Expressing a mix of surprise and disappointment, he criticizes those who prioritize attending church and praying over fulfilling their work responsibilities during regular working hours. He mourns this perceived deviation from the Igbo tradition of diligent work, portraying it as a shift towards misplaced priorities.

Part of what he said in the video was: “Today is Thursday, Igbos are not beggars until Christianity came. I am in my shop working and this is at the back of my workshop and you can see them singing since morning. Every day in Igbo land represents hustlement and market days before the white man came. Christianity came to destroy our land and the future of Igbo land… ”

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