‘Christians Who Pay Tithe Are Not Wise’- Ghanaian Evangelist

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The age long debate about tithing has been renewed once again after a Ghanaian Evangelist kicked it against and advised all Christians to desist from doing likewise.

According to the founder and the leader of ‘In the Name of Jesus Ministry’ in Awutu Bereku, Evangelist Isaac Kwaku Obeng, it is wrong for any Christian to pay tithe.

According to him, the act of paying tithe was an Old Testament practice and is not in the New Testament.

Tithes, he said, were given only to the tribe of Levi and any other tribe that collected it died completely.

This, he said, was given to Levi as their reward for the work assigned onto them.
Evangelist Isaac Kwaku Obeng who said God instructed him to send the message to the whole world and every person, explained that it was only the tribe of Levi who was assigned to collect the tithe but this tribe does not exist anymore.

He added that Jesus Christ is not from the tribe of Levi but the tribe of Juda. “So why should Christians continue to pay tithe,” he quizzed and quoted Deuteronomy 14:22 and Numbers 18:19-24 to buttress his point.

He stated that churches that still collect tithe will be punished and not go to heaven.
He explained that none of the believers in the New Testament paid tithe but yet they still went to heaven.

“After the death of Jesus, every work at the altar was dissolved or closed down due to their inefficiency,” he said.

Evangelist Obeng admonished that, it is not paying of tithe that will make a believer go to heaven or succeed in life.

He indicated that, nobody paid tithe in the New Testament, and that if today’s Christians say they are New Testament believers, then they have to follow suit.

He dared pastors to give him a quotation in the Bible that depicts that New Testament believers should pay tithe.

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