Church Gives Certificate Of Virginity To Ladies After Passing The Test In South Africa (Photos)

A church in South Africa has given certificates of virginity to female church members who passed the virginity test.

The move is in a bid to encourage chastity among the ladies in the society.

The church identified as Nazareth Baptist Church is located at Ebuhleni, northern part of Durban in South Africa.

It was gathered that the church carried out a free virginity test on ladies who attend their church and are 18 years and above.

It is an annual event carried out by the church, and at the end of the exercise, Certificate of Virginity is awarded to the successful ones also a mark is given on the forehead of the successful ones.

The ladies eagerly anticipates the event every year.

The test is usually conducted in the middle of every year so the certificate issued becomes invalid by the middle of next year when the next virginity test is conducted by the church.

The test for the 2022/2023 session was conducted by the church yesterday and certificate was issued to the successful ladies.

The certificate was signed by the Leader of Nazareth Baptist Church and the specialist who carried out the test.


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