Church ushers used to drag me to children’s service due to my dwarfism – Don Little recounts

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Don Little has recounted the demerits and all the inconveniences he had to endure growing up because of his height as a midget.

The diminutive actor who was discovered by Cow and Chicken creator, Funny Face in an interview on Oman Channel disclosed how he was hauled to Children’s service at church although he was way beyond that stage.

He maintained that the experiences, plus other discriminations he encountered on his journey of life toughen him mentally to reach this status in his life.

“I used to ask God so many questions back when my friends in school used to laugh at me. I would stand in front of the mirror and wonder what makes others laugh at me. I sometimes have elderly people laugh at me.

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“I have had elderly people look down on me and make fun of me. It sometimes happens in church. I remember going to church and sitting in the main auditorium, the usher came to grab me, gave me a toffee and dragged me to Sunday School (children’s service). It is not easy, this thing is serious.

They claim I am little and because of my height, someone can drag me from adult service, take me to the children’s service and give me a toffee,” Don Little stated.

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