Ciipher : what you must know about the South Korea Boy Band

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Ciipher is a renowned Boy band based in South Korea which consists of seven talented members who have all made their presence felt in the music game worldwide.

Creation of the Group

Musicians do not only made their talents known through singing and other forms if entertainment. Many super stars tried their possible best to leave a great legacy both on and off the mic and entertainment stages.

That was the exact mindset of South Korean singer, Rain who was the sole mastermind behind creation of the Ciipher Group under his R.A.I.N company.

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Group Debut and Genres

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The Group debuted in March 15 2021 when they released their highly talked about Extended Playlist titled l Like You, an EP that went on to bring into massive limelight.

The I Like You EP peaked number 28 on The Korean Music charts position and sold over 16,475 copies.

They went on to release two more within a short period with their most recent one being another interesting project they termed The Code.

Before releasing The Code, The group dropped Blind on the 28th day of September in 2021 in collaboration with Kakao Entertainment which also peaked number 7 on the Korean Music chart position.


Every Group has a particular genre of music it is associated to and with Ciipher, they are well established and now known for Genres like K-pop, EDM and also R&B.

Awards won by Ciipher Group

Being a force to reckon in the year 2021 after their debut, The Ciipher Group earned a well deserved Nomination in the Asian Artist Awards where they were nominated in the Male Idol Group Personality Award Category, they however lost the Award.

In the same year, they were nominated in the Category of K-Pop Star Award at the Korea Culture Entertainment Awards and won it.

Ciipher Members

As stated earlier, the group consists of seven members namely, Tan, Won, Hwi, Dowhan, Hyunbin, Tag, Keita.

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There’s no doubt that before assembling these seven members, it was a thorough check made by the label and investment firm to get the very best of talents out there.

This includes auditions where many superstars came all out to showcase their talents for selection, and this was one of the major reading why the Group delayed in it’s debut despite being ready before 2021.

Currently, Hyunbin is the lead vocalist and General leader of the entire Group having many experiences participating in the Produce CX 101 show where he was ranked 32nd after being eliminated in Episode 8.

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