Citi TV journalists cut cake to celebrate birthday of infamous pothole causing traffic on the Cantonments road [Video]

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Citi TV journalist took journalism to an all-new level by hosting a show right at the location of an infamous pothole that had been disturbing motorists who ply the Cantonments road in Accra.

The pothole has been there for months and had been contributing to massive traffic on that stretch of the road.

To raise awareness and to reveal how serious the situation was, Kwaku David and Frema Adunyame took their cameras to the location and hosted an entire show from there.

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They made serious remarks about the state of the pothole which had been neglected in the middle of one of the foremost trunk roads in the city. With a blend of mischief and sarcasm interlaced with professional journalism, the journalists reported at length on what needed to be done to get the road fixed.

Subsequently, they cut a cake to celebrate the 5-month birthday of the pothole which had become a centre of national attraction…impeding the smooth movement of commuters on that stretch of road.

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Check Video Below:

Hours after the infamous reportage, Citi TV has reported that the pothole has been fixed overnight. The part of the road that was pothole-ridden has been patched up.

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