Who are Clara Chia Marti parents?

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Who is Clara Chia Marti?

Clara Chia Marti is a former football player Gerard Pique’s current girlfriend, and Shakira, the ex-wife of the footballer, has made a new song specifically for her in her latest release.

Shakira made mention to her ex-connection husband’s with Clara Chia Marti in a new song that she released on Wednesday. The age of Pique’s new companion is the most obvious problem.

Clara Chia is 12 years younger than Gerard Pique; she is 23. Shakira made reference to Clara Chia’s age in her new song, “She Is Worth Two of 22,” in which she spoke openly about her breakup with the former football player. Since the singer is 45, this caught many people’s attention.

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Clara Chia Marti bio

She finished his education at a neighborhood school in Barcelona, Spain. Following graduating from high school, Clara enrolled in a reputable private university to pursue a degree in public relations.

Who are Clara Chia Marti parents?

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Clara is from a wealthy family and has one younger sister. Her father is a civil lawyer and a supporter of Gerard’s side, FC Barcelona. Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, one of Barcelona’s wealthiest neighborhoods, is where her family has an apartment.

Clara was born in Barcelona into a middle-class family. Clara had a difficult childhood, and her parents worked extremely hard to provide for a better standard of living for her. Clara’s mother has a strong link with her and has always supported her. Clara’s father also urged her to lead an independent life. She also shares a unique bond with her siblings.

At present, Clara is unmarried and dating Gerard Pique.


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