Classic NES Titles That Defined Gaming

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NES Classic Edition is such a success even in 2019. Many gamers still love Nintendo’s classic console. Retro games are still alive, and they take an essential place in our library of video games. As a rule, an official emulator is pre-packed with a limited number of video games. If you want to widen your choice, you will need to download super nintendo roms. There are so many excellent video games on the Nintendo console that are worth playing over and over again. Below you will find our recommendations for the most popular NES titles.


“Vice: Project Doom” is the video game you must have in your collection. The first time it was debuted in ’91. You will enjoy an original and quite intriguing storyline, which mainly focuses on a professional detective and his in-depth investigation of a secret corporation of aliens. They have a food substance moonlighting, which is used as a highly addictive drug on the black market. Prepare yourself to pass through eleven levels of stunning weaponry and cinema-style cutscenes.


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If you love adventure games, check out “Maniac Mansion,” which is a homage to the many horror movies of the 80s. You will have to control a group of young people who want to rescue from the house of a mad scientist and his family. The video game is quite dark, but at the same time, it has splendid humor. You will have the possibility to control five characters. Do not let them fall as victims. If your character dies, you must select the remaining character to keep on playing. The end of the game will depend on which character survives. The game is full of great jokes. You will have a great time!


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If you are a big fan of arcade shooters, pay attention to the “Gradius” video game. It is an excellent game about choices. The game is all focused on a defense of your ship, which is a trans-dimensional Vic Viper. You will have to handle a lot of beatings from dangerous meteorites and enemy craft. Are you ready to rely on superior firepower? The game “Gradius” has its unique, thrilling charm. Gradius is one of the best NES Classic titles.


The game “Duck Hunt” managed to find the way into people’s homes because it is packaged with Super Mario Bros. Many people take this game as a mindless time-killer, like “Angry Birds.” You will be required to shoot ducks in a single round to advance to a higher level. You will see a dog appearing on your PC screen and laughing at your face. The game title was the first to utilize the bundled NES Zapper light gun. To be honest, the game is repetitive, but it is still very challenging to shoot all ten targets in a single round.


Most players will agree that Nintendo’s platformer games are the best. The most iconic character is Mario, who is the brave plumber. He keeps being popular already for more than 30 years. Super Mario games are the absolute best-selling video games of all time. The “Super Mario Bros. 3” game is arguably the most excellent adventure ever! The trilogy of The Super Mario is the foundational pillar of the video game industry. Super Mario Bros. 3 shows off some intelligent design and eye-catching graphics on the system. The “Super Mario Bros. 3” is available on both the NES Classic and Nintendo Switch Online.


Are you a fan of Alice in Wonderland? The “Blaster Master” game is like a messed up version of it. This stunning run-and-gun title is mainly focused on a little boy who follows his friend frog, called Fred down a hole in the backyard of his house. They are lead to a mysterious underground labyrinth, which is full of radioactive mutants and strange objects. The main character meets a huge armored tank, which he uses to navigate side-scroller chasms. The purpose of the video game is to gun down multiple enemies on the way to eight levels of an exciting adventure. 


Time is passing with such a speed. New technologies appear all the time, which affect the world of video gaming. We have access to games with stunning sound and graphics effects. However, it does not make retro games of Nintendo less accessible. Many people all around the world prefer to play classic games. They bring back sweet memories of our childhood. If you suddenly feel nostalgic, just choose your favorite old-style game and dive into the adventure. 


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