Cold world: Jealous ex-boyfriend runs over his girlfriend, her daughter, and her new boyfriend with his car k,illing them instantly

A jealous man allowed his emotions to cloud his faculties and ultimately succeeded in killing three people at the same time with his car.

The sad news which has uniformly spread on Twitter revealed that a jilted Zimbabwean ex-boyfriend ran over his ex-girlfriend, her daughter, and new boyfriend.

The three all died on the spot, sparking a wild outrage amongst some people who were close to the crime scene.

A video shared on Twitter shows an angry mob trying to lynch him for the heinous crime while policemen carted him away in a pickup truck.

Watch the video below;

In a related development, a die-hard football fan from Nigeria did not blink an eyelid when his girlfriend asked him to choose between her and football after the new season of the English Premier League commenced last Friday.

It appeared the young man did not give his woman the attention she craved after he diverted all his resources into watching some selected games of the EPL.

This made the lady confront him for ignoring her calls but he reminded her that there was a football game on that day.

He informed her that she was distracting him from focusing on the game hence why he could not pick up her phone calls.

The lady got bored and decided to blur the lines between his obsession and the relationship. She asked him to choose between her and football.

Shockingly the guy went for the latter. He processed to send a voice note and went on to say that he is no longer interested in the relationship. He revealed that he placed a bet and lost so he needed space for himself.

”I no do again sef. My ticket cut”, he said.

Shocked by his decision, the girlfriend called his name and wondered if he was under the influence of an intoxicating drug.

Sharing a screenshot of the WhatsApp conversation on microblogging site, Twitter, @shiva_szn wrote;

”Epl is already destroying relationships . You think your man loves you? Ask him to choose between you and football”


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