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Who said being a celebrity is an eazy job? Come on, our celebrities go through a lot just so we could continue being their crazy fans. Wizkid is obviously in the States doing some tours and using the opportunity to make some hits and building more connections. He is said to also be shooting a music video for a song that will come as a surprise and we just can’t wait to make it drop. Wizkid has been spotted with Akon, Chris Brown and Rihanna recently in the states, and he’s confirmed that he’s already done songs with Chris Brown and Rihanna and will be sropping it soon, and we suspect the music video is for one of the songs.

Wizkid shared this picture on his instagram page and is obviously one of the set pcitures from his music video shoot. Funny enough, if you should study the picture closely, you would realise the girl is really heavier than Wizkid and he is having a hard time trying to carry her. I don’t really know the concept in the video yet, but trust me my guy Wizkid is not having it easy at all. You see why being a celebrity is not soo cool afterall. Hey even if she’s heavy, she’s enjoying the moment right? Take a look at the picture below and tell me if you disagree with me……lol


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