This Condolence Message From Nadia Buari To Majid Michel Got Everyone Crying But..

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Yesterday December 5th, was indeed a sad day for actor Majid Michel, as he finally laid his mother to rest. It is a painful event in the life of everyone to loose the woman who gave birth to you. He was truly not alone as most of the Ghanaian celebrities were there to support him.

Every celebrity had sent him messages of condolence, but that one condolence message from Nadia Buari’s instagram page made us almost cry. It was touching and one sympathy message that will make anyone who has lost their mum strong. Her words, was inspiring and we thought of sharing it with you.

Nadia Buari Wrote:
Today was really hard, but I want u to know that mummy is always with u. She’s the whisper of the leaves as u walk down the street, the smell of certain foods u remember, flowers u pick and the fragrance of life itself. She’s the cool hand on ur brow when ur not feeling well, the sound in the rain that lulls u to sleep, the colours of the rainbow, and a Christmas morning.
Mummy lives inside ur laughter, she’s the place u came from, ur first home and the map u’ll follow with every step u take. Nothing on earth can separate u two..Not time, not space and not even death.



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