CONFIRMED: GHOne TV Actually Had A Meeting To Stop Showing Shatta Wale’s Music Videos

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Board Chairman of Vodafone Ghana Music Awards VGMA and worker at Charterhouse, Mr. Nii Aryitey Hammond, has disclosed that management of GHOne TV took a decision to stop showing Shatta Wale’s music videos on their TV channel.

VGMA Artiste of the Year, Shatta Wale, came public last year to allege that management of GHOne TV had a secret meeting to stop showing his music videos on their channel. According to Shatta, he got the scoop from sister of musician Wanluv Bubolor, Debora Vanessa, also known as Sister Debbie.

Shatta Wale further stated confidently that he has in his possession, a snapshot of a chat in which his source disclosed the secret agenda and would make them public if dared. He also alleged that GHOne lured his fans with a short code to text so that they can see his music videos on GHOne TV but the latter ended up short-changing his fans.

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No representative from GHOne reacted to Shatta’s allegation – as in confirm or deny it. At long last, Nii Aryitey Hammond has come out to confirm that management of GHOne took a decision not to show Shatta Wale’s music videos on their channel.

“At GHOne, we don’t show his music video. It was a decision by management. Once we took that decision, that decision, we’re moving with it” Nii Aryitey stated unequivocally. Explaining why their action, he continued to state that “because you can’t insult me and expect me to do what you expect me to do.

“We have a policy and we’re moving with it.” However, Nii Aryitey begs to disagree with those who think GHOne is depriving fans of Shatta Wale exposure and promotion on their channel. “We are not depriving Shatta’s fans on our medium” and ended that, “He is an ordinary person.”

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As far as Bull Dog is concerned, he does not consider GHOne TV as a serious channel. Though GHOne TV stopped test transmission over 2 years ago, Bull Dog thinks “they are doing test transmission. I don’t take them serious. Sometimes the channel is white – another time its coloured. They are not qualified.

On GHOne’s sideline of his artist, he posited that “it’s their decision. They want to play it small. They want to play kids – they should go on! They have to pay us for showing our music videos. I don’t think they have contributed to our success. They pick up materials we have paid for and make money out of it.”

Meantime, Shatta Wale and Charterhouse are still in court over a series of allegations the former made against the former. Since the case is in court, holds our peace for now and hopes to see what will come off the case someday. Until then……MOTWUM!!

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