CONFUSION: Most Songs By Tinny, Edem, Others, Are Not HIPLIFE – Per Reggie’s Definition

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In a recent interview with, the site asked Reggie Rockstone to once again, use the opportunity to explain what Hiplife music is. He stated emphatically, “It’s a rap lyrics specifically in Twi over a Hiphop beat.”


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EXCLUSIVE: Reggie Rockstone Admits People Rapped Before He Came To Ghana But He Originated HIPLIFE

He further stressed “Twi, my native language.” asked him to give in percentage terms, the percent of lyrics – Twi, which should be considered and he said, “The Twi must be major in the song.” So possibly, 70%, 80%, and above.

So from cognitive logic, it means artists like: Tinny, Edem, and others whose lyrical compositions/verses are largely Ga and Ewe, are not Hiplife artists and so their songs cannot be said to be or qualify as Hiplife songs.

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This is really confusing but if the Grandpapa who founded the thing says so, who are we to contest him or say he is wrong or does not know what he is talking about.

LISTEN TO INTERVIEW BELOW: STILL asks: Which School of Thought do you belong to or believe in as far as the history of Hiplife is concerned. Unfurl your thought. Until then…MOTWUM!!

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