Constantine Yankoglu Obituary; Death Rumours True?

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Constantine Yankoglu is a popular former husband of American actress, Patricia Heaton. He is famed for his marriage to the actress. Many have talked about his obituary and rumours have been peddled out there that he had passed; is there any truth to that?

In this article, we discuss the rumours making the rounds about Constantine Yankoglu obituary which has it that he was dead.

In February 2021, many reports had it that the former celebrity husband was dead. Was it all a hoax? What was intended to be achieved by peddling the rumours about Constantine Yankoglu obituary?

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Well, no one knows what the rumours mongers wanted to achieve but we shall find out if it is indeed true that Constantine Yankoglu was dead.

Now, though, let’s look at who Constantine is.

Brief Biography of Constantine Yankoglu

Constantine Yankoglu obituary

You might not have heard about him, all you saw was Constantine Yankoglu obituary out there so who is he and why did people carry such news of his demise?

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Constantine was born on February 2, 1954, in Fayette, Kentucky, in the United States of America.

His reputation was boosted by the fact that he was the ex-husband of Patricia Heaton, a prominent American actress and comedian.

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People started to pay attention to the movements of Constantine because of his marriage to the celebrity, as such, not much is known about his background as he has not revealed anything to that effect.

We can only about his life during his time with Patricia Heaton, the popular actress that he married.

Marriage to Patricia Heaton

Constantine Yankoglu

The two married in 1987, and after three years of living together, the marriage ended in tragedy, with the reason for the divorce being reported to be unresolved issues.

For the three years they had been together, they had no children.

Patricia Heaton is now happily married to actor cum David Hunt, with whom she has four boys, following their divorce.

They have been together for nearly 30 years.

There is no information on Constantine Yankoglu’s married life after her divorce.

Patricia Heaton

Who was his wife?

Patricia Helen Heaton is an actress, model, and comedian from the United States.

She is most recognized for her roles in the comedies Everybody Loves Raymond and The Middle, where she played Debra Barone and Frances “Frankie” Heck.

It is now firmly established who he is, it is now about time we dealt with Constantine Yankoglu obituary. Shall we?

Constantine Yankoglu Obituary; The Death Rumours

Constantine Yankoglu DEATH

It was widely reported that he was dead and this happened in February 2021. Is there any truth in the rumours?

Constantine Yankoglu obituary and death rumour was only just a hoax, apparently, as the man is alive and healthy. So it is safe to say that, as of April 2022, there isn’t any truth to the effect that he had died.


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