Controversial Victoria Hamah Again – This Time, She Says……

victoria hammah

Arguably, heavy tush Victoria Hamah is the only Ghanaian female politician who has been through the worst form of scandal within the past 2 years – nonetheless, she always appears strong, lively and bold.

Yes, she has been through some grievous scandals – all orchestrated by her! Whilst acting as the substantive Deputy Minister of Communication, Victoria Hamah was caught on camera complaining bitterly before her audience about the content of a speech she read, at the launch of a campaign against Cyber Crime in Ghana.
She claimed the speech she was given was not the one she had edited earlier, and resorted to reading “from her mind.”She was also reported to have made a similar goof at the launch of the Expresso Ghana ACE Fibre Cable days ago, where she said before her audience that, there was a typographical error in her speech and blamed it on her aide.

The media pooh-poohed her! She was chided and called with all sorts of unprintable names. Dr. Kwabena Twum Nuamah noted that for a deputy minister to expose herself in front of such audience, is inexcusable. “…we cannot be subjected to have a person of such low level of standard as a minister” Dr. Nuamah asserted.

Some few months later, a secret tape in which Victoria Hamah was loudly and clearly heard, had her saying that she would stay in politics until she has made $1m (£600,000). On the tape, she says: “I will not quit politics until I make one million dollars. If you have money then you can control people.” She was subsequently sacked without any reason cited by government.

The perhaps most stinking one which borders on her private or social life, also made its way into the media. The sacked deputy minister was alleged to have, at about 7:45am on Wednesday September 10, 2014, stormed the Dansoman Police Station in Accra and reported her boyfriend, Richard Frimpong Dardo, to the police after they had disagreed on an issue about sexual intercourse.

Victoria was said to have told the police that Frimpong Dardo had beaten her up and stolen her unspecified amount of money. When the policemen went to Victoria’s residence, and Frimpong Dardo was arrested, he told the police Victoria was his girlfriend; but they were having problems because Victoria suggested a certain manner of love making, over which he refused to cooperate with her, so Victoria started insulting him.
At the end of it all (or maybe we should expect more), the ever audacious and surefooted Victoria Hamah has recently posited, disclosing:

“A lot of times people do tell me “You are very Strong” considering what I have been through in recent past, but I tell them “Strength and Weakness is the state of one’s Mind and one’s understanding of the transient reality of our mortal nature”.

“It’s the acceptance of one’s material condition what others call Destiny or Fate that makes all the difference.” The most perplexing part but yet very inspiring was her final words:

“A good life is not one devoid of problems because both good and bad experiences give us knowledge and through knowledge we discover the truth!”
Indeed, Victoria Hamah is a strong woman! She really inspires and can be applauded for those powerful words. We pray whatever bad Karma she is paying, would have been neutralized by now to free her of any future or further scandals. Until then…MOTWUM!!

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