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Teenage is a key stage in every man’s life. These years are amongst the most care-free years’ anyone could have and there is a lot that happens. It’s the point where one seems to get a general idea of what kind of person they are developing into and what impact they want to make in society. Tastes, likes and dislikes are developed and one has affirmed opinions in regards to different aspects of their lives. Suddenly how they are seen by their peers becomes of utmost importance and they want to be addressed as such.

Below are some style tips that will assist a teen in their venture to impeccable dressing;


Modern-day fashion trends seem to portray style as being all about trendy clothes and accessories. This couldn’t be further from the truth, being stylish takes much more than what money can buy. Confidence is everything when it comes to styling. It pays a key role in how we carry ourselves around our peers and speaks more than the clothes on our backs. Believing that you look outstanding both on the inside and outside helps you stand out from the crowd and this is what most teens want.


Accessories are superb in elevating a boring look when paired in the right order. Proper accessorizing is a basic fashion skill that seeks to separate those who look fashionable and those who don’t. Contrary to popular belief, accessories aren’t just worn on special occasions. They can make an everyday piece the golden rule being ‘less is always more.’ If you are wearing a flamboyant outfit full of different colours and designs, scale back on the accessories. For simple basic outfits, feel free to go for the bolder chunky accessories such as a bum bag or Isabel Marant bracelet from Off White.


Teen years are the best time for one to experiment on anything. It’s the time to step away from basic colours that Gen X and Z parents made them wear in the pre-teens. Basic colours are a smart yet lazy pick for teens. Black is known to make the body look leaner while white makes one look all clean and angelic but this isn’t the look of a person who wants to gain respect from their peers. Wearing colours make facial features pop not forgetting, noticeable in a crowd. Solid colours of blue, red and green are an excellent choice to pair with the classic blue jeans. Of course, don’t go overboard with a mix of colours to end up looking like a clown.


It’s often said that clothes make the man; however, footwear can make or break any look. It’s irrelevant how much money you will spend on an outfit if the footwear is non-appealing. Surprisingly not, Ladies notice the man from the type of shoes he adorns. It’s paramount to wear shoes that match your outfit and the occasion. Always go for quality shoes made from authentic material and top-notch craftsmanship to ensure durability and that they don’t cause harm to your feet.


The baggy look used to be a ‘hip hop’ trend adopted by the young people but it’s now long gone. These clothes created a stereotype of rebellion and teenage defiance in society. If you wanted some street cred from your neighbourhood then this was your go-to fashion. Times have quickly changed and the baggy clothes are out of fashion at least not for the teen that is into fashion. Baggy shorts, for instance, are an absolute no-no as it makes one look shorter than he is. Straight knee-length shorts have been a quick alternative as they sharper and readily accepted in most places such as the golf course.

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