Cops give pig called Elvis Pigsley a lift home after escaping from owner

A pig called Elvis Pigsley who escaped from the hands of its owner got a lift from the cops who returned it back to its owner.

The owner of the pig was identified as Angela Mullen-Herrara. He was told by the police officers that he was “looking cold” on the roadside.

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The pig reportedly had escaped from his home in Fairview, Anchorage, Alaska, and was struggling outside before a concerned citizen rang up cops due to the freezing temperatures.

When they arrived at the scene last Monday, they saw the poor pig by the side of an icy road, and promptly decided that he needed their help.

The police officer got the pig and placed it into the patrol car and gave it a lift back home during the light snowstorm.

‘As it turns out, the portly dude was quite friendly,’ a police spokesperson said.

‘You’ll be happy to know he has been reunited with his family and all is well. Would you like to know the best part? His name.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Elvis… Elvis Pigsley.’



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