Coronavirus in Ghana: ‘We Can’t Pay Our Workers So Govt Should Help Us’- Hotels Association

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As Ghana and the world at large try to wrap their heads around Covid-19 and how to remedy it, some businesses owners who have been badly hit by the pandemic are counting their losses. 

One of the sectors which have been hit hard is hoteliers. People are staying are home and don’t want to even spend minutes outside owing to how fast the disease is spreading. On this note the President of the Ghana Hotels Association, Dr. Edward Ackah Nyameke, has asked Nana Akufo Addo to come to their aid because they can’t pay their employees.

Speaking to GhanaWeb, Dr. Edward Ackah Nyameke said there is the need for government to support hotels to pay its workers as demand for their products keep declining amidst covid-19 outbreak.

“We have been paying taxes to government over a long period of time. These are critical moments and it will be prudent we got some shield from the state. Government must provide a sort of leverage with regards to salary payments. Some people will say, as a business, there are good times and bad times so hotels should learn to contain it. Our real concern is about the staff, the people who get their daily bread from working in the various hotels.”

In Ghana, some hotel managers have started laying off casual workers due to low patronage. These job cuts, the hotels association president explains, is not deliberate.

“Hotels will not be able to pay them because clients are cancelling bookings and it is these same monies that workers are paid with. Hotels are forced to lay off workers because they are unable to pay staff amidst the pandemic”.

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