Coronavirus: Things Would “Be Horrible In Developing Countries”- Wife of Bill Gates, Melinda

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With Ghana’s coronavirus case count at 566 across the country, there have been serious concerns as to whether some Ghanaians are taking the lockdown serious as some news stories suggest, several Ghanaians do not believe the virus is real and continue to break social distancing rules.

Wife of Bill Gates, Melinda has shared her fears about the coronavirus and how it’s going to hit hard at the developing world in a CNN exclusive interview.

Melinda disclosed in the interview that developing countries would be badly hit and if care is not taken, there would be dead bodies on the streets as it is with the case of Ecuador.

She added that, the developing countries are not reporting enough cases because enough tests are not be done and it is her hope that, the many vaccines they are working on, would work so it can save the world.

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Watch her exclusive interview with CNN below:

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