Could Lydia Forson Be Frustrated? You Won’t Believe What She Did.

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There is this new ‘Facebook live’ as a feature in its Mentions app that’s only available to celebrities with a verified page. Very few celebrities have that in Ghana as the first person to have such feature was Jessica Opare Sarfo of Citi Fm.

Lydia Forson streamed live early this morning and had some advice for the young ladies but it seemed she was a bit frustrated.

It was a very good advise to the ladies but the extent to which she took it was quite offensive. In the course of the video,she even used abusive words,and referred to a fan who was watching as a sidechick who didn’t want to take what she was saying serious.

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From her speech,one could clearly tell that she had been heart-broken and that was why she went hard on the guys as she kept repeating “these niggas aint real and loyal”.
She confessed believing in love and sex but Lydia seemed a bit confused as she lost track of what she was saying at a certain point.

Probably,someone annoyed her by reminding her to get married since she wasn’t getting any younger. She also talked about the fact that people should’t rush into marriages.

She recalled some of her university days where she fell in love with one guy called Eric without knowing he had a girlfriend. She said the relationship ended after the 3rd month when she received a call from the boyfriend’s other chick,warning her to stay away from her man.

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Meanwhile,Lydia forson also confessed that the first episode of her movie,Letter From Adam was based on a real life story.

For her status,its a good thing to advise the youth but there should be a limit to the kind of words used.You make sure it doesn’t offend anyone and some of the things you say shouldn’t confuse those who watch the video as it might seem you directing the message to someone who has provoked you.



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