Could Prophecies That Sarkodie Would Become A Pastor Be Manifesting After…?

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It’s even become an indisputable fact that, when it comes tom rap in Africa, the multifaceted artiste is indeed a rap god and he’s proven that with his countless hits and his demeanor when he jumps on a beat.

Sometime back, Sonnie Badu., a revered Gospel musician revealed that, Sarkodie had an anointing and that he would become a pastor oneday, winning souls for the kingdom of God. 

Sonny Badu tweeted “God will encounter him again… He has an annointing that is untapped”

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“Watch him carefully he looks more like a pastor!! @sarkodie, his ministry will heal a lot of people! I have spoken”

These were some of the tweets Sonnie Badu tweeted sometime back in August 2014. Incase, you missed it, you might want to click here to read that again.

Recently, ace investigative journalist, Anas released a damming video evidence detailing bribery in the Judicial services system, which saw the names of some 22 circuit judges coming up. I wouldn’t  go much into that detail now as I believe you must have heard of the news already.

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Sarkodie had warned judges who took money to pervert justice sometime back in a song titled “Pizza n Burger” and if only they had taken it seriously, maybe they won’t be in the mess they find themselves in now.

“Judgefu) aa mo regyegye amanfo) dough, monhw3 no yie na Anas reba oooo” sarkodie rapped in that song.

I do understand, it was just a normal satirical statement he was making back then, but then he was sending a warning to them. Now that, something he said 3 years ago, has happened in real life, couldn’t it be that, Sarkodie had an inert prophetical trait, that he himself wasn’t even aware?

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