Could This Be Why Efya Got Herself A Sekz Toy Instead Of A Man? Check Out Her Latest Activity

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A video went viral barely two weeks ago of Efya flaunting a sekz toy she got for herself, asking people not to visit her as she is set to get busy with her new acquisition.

The work of a sekz toy is very much known to everyone.

But what left many wondering was why she had decided to get it when she could get any man of her choice to do what they sekz toy would do for her.

She is cute, and she’s got quite a deep purse, too.

It appears Efya just wouldn’t want to get played by men and that is the reason she got the toy to do the business for her as that one will be readily available as and when she needs it.

He latest Twitter activity apparently suggests so when on Monday, June 11, she tweeted;

“They say love is a game .. but I don’t want to get played “



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