I Couldn’t Even Buy New Panties & Sanitary Pads-Delay Laments Her Past

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Every successful person has a story to tell and Deloris Frimpong Manso popularly known as Delay has one to tell everyone who cares to know.

Delay who is now a versatile Radio Host, Producer and a CEO has revealed what her life was like in 2010 before she became who she was today.

In an interview on a mid-morning show on Oman Fm on Thursday, January 21, she  disclosed that all she could boast of was just Ghc20.

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She further detailed on how one can be successful in life. Delay likened the journey of success to how a baby who first learns how to crawl, before learning how to take his step , then gradually and eventually is able to walk without falling.

‘There was a time I had to cut off all my hair because I couldn’t afford a cream to perm it, I sometimes didn’t even have money to buy new panties or sanitary pad and had to live with and depend on some friends but look at me now, I own one of the highly patronised mackerel brands (Delay Mackerel) in Ghana which also bears my name’ she recalled emotionally.

The Outspoken Tv presenter, Delay advised people to work hard in life and not pay attention to nay-sayers. Speaking about her past life, she mentioned that, she was not ashamed to to share her story because most people are going through  the same ordeal as she went through.

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Delay is also the producer for the hit tv series ‘Afia Schwarzenegger’ and the host of ‘The Delay Show’ which airs on Viasat 1 every Friday at 5pm


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