Counselor Lutherodt Attributes Christabel Ekeh’s Nude Exposure to Poor Parenting

The ever controversial and self styled marriage counselor, George Lutterodt has launched a blistering attack on Ghanaian actress Christabel Ekeh, saying she comes from a very “disgraceful family” after the actress released her nude pictures online via Instagram.


Initially, Ghanaians thought the nude pictures of the actress was leaked through an account hack, however, Christabel later  admitted she personally  released them and it signifies a rebirth of her career. Thus, it’s a way “of welcoming everyone to the new Christabel.”


Her mother and younger sister have stated that they see nothing wrong with the nude photos because it is her ‘new way of branding.’


But Speaking on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review show Saturday, counselor George Lutterodt said the actress’s conduct is due to “parenting error. When it comes to this girl, it is parenting go wrong. It is a parenting error. Because if I hear the sister speaking and the mother speaking, it is like she is independent”. He said.


“No child is independent in this world and especially when it comes to the public figures. They don’t have a private life because they become unwanted models and role models for people who have not had proper parents at home”. He added.


Actress Christabel Ekeh Nudity on Instagram
Actress Christabel Ekeh Nudity on Instagram

“When your parents have come to endorse your nudity? Which home is she from? And a photographer asked her to pose for the pictures? What is going on? I think the family should bow down their head in shame. This is one of the biggest scandal ever because we rather hear people when the nakedness of their children comes out, they want to use every means to cover it”.


According to Counselor Lutherodt, what gives him more headache over Christabel’s issue is that he has not heard of the father speaking about the uncouth act. Anytime you find homes where there are no fathers; you see people going wayward like this.