Stunt couple set themselves on fire on wedding day, video drops

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A newlywed couple pulled an unprecedented feat at their wedding reception when they set themselves on fire to the shock and admiration of wedding guests who had no idea what they were coming up with.

In a video shared by blogger @SweetSonia, the lovebirds identified as Gabe Jessop and his wife Ambyr Bambyr Mishelle are said to be two stunt professionals who decided to inculcate their professionalism into their own life.

Immediately after they finished exchanging their wedding vows, the duo decided to put their creativity into action by setting themselves on fire before their photoshoot.

Their brave decision ultimately excited the guests who cheered them on. Significantly, some men with fire extinguishers were on hand to put out the fire within a specific timeframe which they executed timely.

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Watch the video below;

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